Friday, February 15, 2013

Short and Sweet

I am astounded by the number of comments I've been receiving and promise to get back to writing (thinking on paper) soon.  Since I started back to work, there hasn't been much time and most of my meandering is done in my journal.  However, I guess there are others like me and if I say one thing that makes another person think more positively or feel better about their own Self then I guess the miracle has already occurred.

Walking to my gate yesterday, I noticed three brilliant wild Iris poking up, beckoning to me and I thanked God for the miracle of beautiful Iris in the dead of winter.  I love when 3 comes into my consciousness but that's a discussion for another day when I have more time.

For now, Expect a Miracle...and don't discount it when you receive it! 

Love & Light...Sabra

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Creativity Workshops started on Wednesday and will run for the next 6-8 weeks, depending on how far we get and how quickly we get there. It is time for further self-exploration and I am starting anew the journey of a thousand steps.

I've been trying to "push" time the past few weeks and it's not working. No matter how hard I try to pretend there may be 80 seconds in a minute, I am constantly reminded there are only 60. So, yes...I've been "running late." I'm working on it as I want to be punctual as much as the next person but something about me wants to "push" time. Wonder why?

Nothing is coming this I blocked...seem to be. Does that ever happen to you? Nothing to do but jump in the shower and get on with the day, trying to see the beauty in every moment. I have to remind myself that there is beauty in every moment if I only take the time to look. Simple things are sometimes the hardest to accomplish.

So...CARPE DIEM! Look for the beauty, arrive on time, expect a miracle! Got it! Go get 'em!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday mornings...

are insane! So much I wanted to accomplish this morning before going to work and yet here I sit, still in my gown, still in my bed, writing paraphenalia spread all around me on the bed and I am so mad at myself for letting these moments slip by this morning. I find that my biggest challenge and my greatest battle are with my very own self.

On a spiritual and mental level (most times) I am right where I want and need to be but it is the PHYSICAL that gets me and that's what I came here to straighten out, I guess. I keep getting messages about persistence (or lack of), indolence, and defeat and they are usually relative to the "physical" so...okay. I GET IT! This morning, my message is about successful communication and FEAR OF DEFEAT.

So then, I have to think about what it is that I am afraid of and at the same time I am told that fear is irrational in nature and doesn't necessarily reflect the real situation. Okay, so I get that too and my affirmation for that is "I ACCEPT MY FEAR AND LET IT GO." The only problem is that I'm not sure what it is that I am afraid of...oh, hold's coming to me...okay, I got. Yep. I got it. FEAR OF LOSING CONTROL.

Immediately after comes the thought that control is an illusion. Oh, it is Monday morning and I really don't want to be thinking that hard this morning. I want to be "la-la-la" in the shower getting ready to face the day. Oh, how that little voice in my head (or the angel on my shoulder, if you prefer) is whispering "who's the boss of YOU?" Well, I guess that would be me so I'm about to finish this blog, jump in the shower and move into my day knowing it is going to be a GREAT day because I am the "master (mistress?)" of my reality and I am going to create a wonderful day for myself! I am IN CONTROL! Hah!

So, I didn't get the things done this morning (or yesterday or the day before) that I wanted to but did other things (like spend time with my daughter and grandchildren instead of going to visit my dear friend who is in town for only a few days from D.C. and I am feeling so guilty for not going to see her already and I didn't spend time getting my hair colored which I absolutely hate to do anyhow and I didn't get anything done around my house and I have a workshop here on Wednesday and on and on and who IS in control of getting all of these things done if it isn't me?...oh, that's right, I have a "fear of losing control." Guess I walked right into that one!

So, okay, I'm just letting all of that go for now and I'm going to get in the shower and enjoy my day, my job, my friends at work and later today, after work, I will do some of those things that I didn't get done already (color hair/organize house for workshop/etc.) and tomorrow I will leave work a little early and drive over to visit my friend and it's ALL GOOD and it's ALL OKAY and I forgive myself for not being more proactive over the weekend. Guess I just needed a break. That's okay.

I did have my daughter stop at the RV place where I go to dream (because it was on our way to where we were going). She walked through the two Class C RV's that are parked there and I stayed in the car with Ethan because I've walked through those two RV's more than once and she was excited when she got back to the car and said which one she liked more and that it would be PERFECT for me! It was fun to pull her into my dream!

So, okay, on with the day! My affirmations for today are: (Spiritual) - Creative expression fulfills and makes me happy. (Mental)I am self-confident and self-accepting. (Physical)I accept my fear and let it go!

Since I live my life in Divine flow, I know there's a reason for everything and it's not always a reason I am meant to know at the moment or maybe ever but my job, is to keep going...keep looking for the good in everyone and everything...keep trying to do better than I did the day before and be the best human being I can possibly be and when I am not living up to my own expectations, then it is up to me, and only me, to make the changes I need to make to be who I want and who I am meant to be.

What do you think?

Wishing you a wonderful day! It is a great day to be alive in America and the best is yet to come. Expect a miracle!

Here I am with my booth at the Christmas Arts and Crafts Show in 2010. I was expressing my creative potential and having fun doing it! Namaste

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday mornings...

are so precious! It has been forever since I last wrote but it has been an interesting time of challenges and growth and I know the best is yet to come!

I am still working at the job close to my home and loving it. It is a blessing and I sincerely hope I can ride it out for the next five years. It is an awesome, stable company with a lot of terrific people and I believe it will be a nice period at the end of the sentence which has been my "career." I haven't really had a career as much as a journey which like a feather in the wind has landed me in some beautiful places and only a few that were not so beautiful...three, to be exact so that's not so bad! Those I dust off and hang tight to the ones that were exciting and from which I learned so much, not only about life and business, but about myself.

I'm at a place in life where I am forced to see myself as one who is near the end of one adventure but soon (in 5 years if all goes as planned) to begin a new and exciting adventure. I want to travel and it is seething in my blood, my spirit, my very soul is straining to be free and to visit every beautiful place God has created in this wonderful place I chose to incarnate called the UNITED STATES. In my mind, I'm already heading down the highway, Class C RV readied for the trip and San Diego, here I come. Up the coast highway to Vancouver...oh, I could go on for hours. It will truly be the BIG ADVENTURE!

Now, I need a partner. Someone to share the expense and the driving and the FUN that is to be had. I am about to manifest (maybe not immediately but soon) a "traveling man" who loves rock and roll music (loud) because that's my traveling music; who is strong and healthy and loves to bike and hike and take a new road he's never been down before; someone who may not necessarily believe as I do but will accept my spirituality as part of who I am and love me for it; someone who will pull over and let me paint for three or four hours while he amuses himself in his own creative adventure; he will love to laugh and must love children because the grandkids will certainly be a part of my traveling somewhere down the road; someone who will give the peace and space in the morning and not want to talk as soon as our eyes open...must have my coffee and meditation time; someone who enjoys the silence as much as the loudness; who can listen to all kinds of music, depending on the moment...loud, raucous rock and soft, soothing, spiritual music; someone who will love, honor and respect me (but not MARRY me because I'm done with that part of my life) and in turn, I WILL DO THE SAME FOR HIM! So, if you are out there, and you happen to read this blog, let me know you're there because I'm ready to start planning our first trip!

So, okay, that having been said. Everything else in life is beautiful. My best pet friend, Wiz, is almost 16 and his energy and health are waning and I know soon I will miss him so much. It broke my heart to take him for a walk and realize he couldn't make it around the circuit we one travelled easily. I had to pick him up and carry him home, crying (me) all the way. I am really going to miss his energy and his unconditional love when he crosses that rainbow bridge but I am indelibly changed by all that he brought to my life. I learned so much from him and many times when I was out walking him and I'd notice something beautiful in nature or just in the morning or whenever, I would thank God for Wiz for otherwise, I would have missed that little nugget of gold.

My grandchildren are all healthy and happy, children are healthy, happy, productive, contributing human beings so I feel very good about them.

Personal life...awesome! Professional life...awesome! Love life...more to come! Adventure...on the horizon!

So...on to CREATIVITY! I am facilitating a new series of creativity workshops beginning February 1st so I'm sure I will be sharing more via the blog because writing is how I "think it out!" Hope you come along for the ride. I am hoping to unblock or "reopen" some of the places within from which the joy flows. I am hoping to begin painting again soon. I know my spirit needs it and cries for it. If I can help myself and help others at the same time then a miracle will have occurred and I will once again, believe that Wayne Dyer is my very own muse (can a man be a muse, too? I guess I'll have to Google it later!).

After two years of "working on it" I finally self-published "Simply Sabra" in December and was able to give it as gifts to a chosen few for Christmas and it was well received. The book was a compilation of short poems written between 1974 and 2011 so it was a span of life and a fun walk through the memories of time for me. Releasing it felt almost like walking naked on stage in front of an audience because I was so open and also so vulnerable because I was honest about everything FROM MY POINT OF VIEW. Truly, can be anything else?

Now, to "seize my day!" I expect a miracle today and so should you! It IS a great day to be alive in America and the best is yet to come.

These are some of my Angel creations!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time whizzes by...

I can't believe it has been 10 days since I last wrote. My goal is to write a little every day so I need to "try harder!"

My new job is challenging, fun and has allowed me to have some hopes and dreams again that had been tucked away for "later" and "later" is NOW! I've some new found motivation and started an exercise/diet regiment yesterday. I'm not even thinking about what to eat and what not to eat but I am simply thinking about giving my body what it needs to produce the energy that I need. I have so many things I still want to accomplish and to do it, I need ENERGY and strength. My dream right now goes back to the same dream I had in 2008 when the bottom fell out of my world for a short while. I am dreaming of a rafting trip, down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. I am thinking "Best of the Grand" and the url is so you can check it out and join me! Next August maybe???

It seems the older I get the faster time passes and the more I want to accomplish. Yet when I look back in my journals, I marvel at what I was able to accomplish in a day. Time is an illusion anyhow! So, with that having been said, the reality is that I need to jump in the shower and get to work!

Hope you have a wonderful day today. Expect a miracle and you'll surely get one. Namaste!

Friday, May 27, 2011


After a full week of work, the weekend has taken on new meaning for me! I have had a terrific week and I love my job, the people there, and the commute is so sweet! From my driveway to the driveway at work is 2 miles! How AWESOME is that?!

It's about time for me to jump in the shower but right at this moment, it is peaceful here. Wizzie is spread out on the bed beside me, snoring his little doggy snore. He has a way of moving the bed covers around with his paws to get it "just right" and then he circles a little and finally plops down. He likes a little pillow, too. Who knew dogs could have such personalities? That would be a silly question to my friends who live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They have a rescue home for Golden Retrievers and would look at me as if I had an extra head if I asked that question of them. God bless those who have rescue homes!

A slow week for news about my young Mr. Robert Pattinson but he's filming a new movie. Less than six months more to wait for "Breaking Dawn" but I am sure it will be an event for me and "my girls!" I'll let you know what we cook up.

A long weekend coming up and I have a secret desire to work on Monday. Is that wrong? I just want to go to my job. Not my call so I will celebrate Monday, remember the reason for the holiday and spend the day with my family. I plan to write, read and relax this weekend and if the mood hits...I have canvas sitting there blank, calling to me.

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend and holiday! Remember to share your love and be good to your own self, too. It IS a great day to be alive and the best is yet to come! And so it is!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doomsday or expecting a miracle?

It is a GREAT day to be alive here in beautiful downtown Buford. I drove down Main Street while waiting for the train to pass so I could cross to my side and it is such a lovely little town. I noticed a family out walking together and several other people getting their exercise in the early morning after I dropped Wiz off for his grooming. Small town, USA and it is quaint, rustic and sweet. I love it here although I know I shall leave someday but this is a time when I am making a memory.

I am compassionate towards the "doomsday" Christians because they are so sure the world is going to end tomorrow and the rapture is going to occur. I wonder how they will adjust when what they believed so completely does not happen. There was a time, in 1975, when I was a newly "born again" Christian and I was on street corners passing out leaflets and spreading the "good word" and trying to help others save their soul. It was an interesting time for me and I'm glad I had that experience but it was fleeting. Once I began to question the teachings the veil of illusion was lifted and life got back to being more normal. I guess it was what I needed at the time and perhaps this is what the "doomsdayers" need in their life at this time, too. I wonder what they are doing with their "last" day. How will they spend it knowing they will be raptured tomorrow? Will it be in prayer, fasting, saying goodbye to loved ones? What will they do on Monday is the bigger question, I think, when they find the rapture has not occurred and life goes on? Will the veil of illusion be lifted for them, too? Life goes on.

For me, Monday is much anticipated as I begin my new job that I have searched so hard to find. I am beginning a new adventure and looking forward to meeting new people and having new purpose in my life. The past couple of years have been difficult for me but a time of growing and learning and becoming more of who I am meant to be in this life. Even in the midst of so much turmoil, I could find joy in the day and constantly reminded myself that happiness is an inside job. It's my responsibility to my own Self to find my place of peace and happiness and I accept that responsibility. I fly solo and I am still a soul searcher! Life goes on.

There is too much to be grateful for in this life to live in fear that it is going to end. It is going to end and that's a certainty. Yet not today so live this day in the best way you know how and enjoy the gifts and the miracles that will come your way as they surely will.

I cleaned the carpet in my newly vacated spare room yesterday. I opened the windows and let the fresh air in and the stale air out and it feels happier in there already. Mom lived there for a while and I was happy to have her there. A friend of mine lived there for a while and I was happy to have her there, too. Now, it is mine alone again and I will make it into my studio and I will be happy to have ME in there! Next weekend I will do a clearing of the energy in the room using sage and prayers and then I will begin setting up my studio so I can create again. I've missed having the space to paint, write, make cards and draw. I feel another level of being beginning. A new adventure on more levels than one and that is life, isn't it? Nothing is static and everything is always changing, at least in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I wrote two new poems yesterday and worked a little on a book I am helping edit. I am hoping to have my book of poetry completed so I can gift it at Christmas to my family and a few friends. I had to make myself stay on task because when I start opening boxes and footlockers that have been stored away, I get caught up in looking at what's in the boxes and reminisce about the memories contained therein. I am a keeper of the memories and what is in those boxes and footlockers are the history of my life and my children's life. I consider each memory a pearl in the necklace of my life and treasure them as they are priceless.

Do you journal or have keepsakes tucked away in a box somewhere? I've tried to teach my children to do that but I don't think it is as important to them as it is to me yet someday, I believe they will appreciate that I was the "keeper of the memories." Perhaps it is important to me because I did not have stability in my life as we moved so often. I like that I was constantly having a new adventure but part of me has always envied those who were born, lived and stayed in the same place and my dearest friends are people whose lives were such. They balance me in that way because that was not my path in this life.

Well, I'm rambling so that means it's time for me to get productive as there is much to be accomplished today. There are memories to be made and tonight I will be spending time with my grandchildren and that's always fun for me. So, carpe diem! If this is the last day, then let's make it the best!

The angel was gift from my son and his wife and the angel is holding up a lantern. I love that angel, not only because they gave it to me which makes it special to my heart but because I enjoy the image of an angel to show me the way. I am expecting a miracle today. How about you? Remember, the best is yet to come! And so it is.